Southern Luxury Picnics

Fall is here, and cooler temperatures are hinting at their arrival. Now that the hot Savannah summer days are behind us, it’s officially picnic season. We wanted to host the perfect Savannah picnic, so we went straight to the expert — Chelsea Rowe of The Savannah Picnic Company. Chelsea was kind enough to give us her top tips for a perfect charcuterie picnic.

Start with the basics. Your basket doesn’t need to be an actual picnic basket. Any basket that will hold your essentials will do. Chelsea’s basket was purchased at a craft store, and it perfectly holds her dishes and dry goods. 

Because this is a charcuterie display, we’ll need a pretty board. Chelsea uses a board that’s been treated with coconut oil so that it’s food safe, but a lot of people choose a pice of slate, too. 

A picnic is all about bringing the indoors outside, so use dishes, silverware, linen napkins, and glasses from your home. Don’t forget essentials like cheese knives, kitchen sheers, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and a wine opener. Chelsea suggests layering your napkins between your plates to keep them from making too much noise in your basket, or potentially breaking. One of her most essential picnic items is a pair of kitchen shears. These are necessary for opening packaging on the go. 

Pack your board, cutlery, plates, cups, and other essentials into your basket first. Then, place your dry food items on top. Chelsea suggests two varieties of crackers and some dried apricots. She covers her items with a dish towel for a pretty presentation, and even includes a mason jar with some fresh flowers to add an extra special touch. 

Even though temperatures are cooling down, it’s still quite warm in the south, which means that a cooler is essential for keeping fresh food. Load a cooler with ice, then place beverages, two varieties of cheese, sliced meat, olives, and a simple blend of seasonal berries. Finally, Chelsea suggests some simple chocolate bars to enjoy at the end of your picnic. A nice bottle of wine, a few fruit-based drinks for non-drinkers, and some water are ideal refreshments. When choosing your wine, consider what will pair well with the items on your board. 

Now that the food and essentials are packed up, it’s time to pick out your picnic blanket to complete the spread. Chelsea suggests putting down a waterproof base layer, like a simple tarp from a hardware store, under your blanket. While the grass may not appear wet, it might cause damp spots on your picnic blanket. Place a blanket over the tarp. A queen size blanket works best as it has room for 2-4 people and a comfortable food spread. Adding a few pillows make it a truly luxurious experience. 

Artfully display your charcuterie board, place your fresh flowers, pour some wine, and enjoy a beautiful day of Southern Luxury.

Make sure you watch the video above to see all of Chelsea’s tips and tricks.