Hanging Artwork in Your Home

Artwork in a home is like a the perfect piece of jewelry that completes an outfit. Its beauty and intrigue brings us joy, it takes us back to a treasured memory, or evokes a mood that we simply want to remember every day. Whether commissioned or purchased on a whim at a gallery, procuring a piece of art is an exciting and emotional experience. 

Here are some of our favorite tips for thoughtfully hanging art in your own home.

Group Small Pieces for Big Impact

Not all pieces need to be large scale showstoppers. When grouped together, smaller items can create a big statement. Pieces don’t necessarily need to be from the same color scheme or medium, either. When alike pieces, like the prints pictured above, are grouped together in perfectly even rows, it creates a streamlined, minimalistic appearance that’s pleasing to the eye. Grouping eclectic items is best done with less rigid uniformity, creating a whimsical look that’s playfully intriguing. 

When grouping pieces of art, start by measuring the area where the art will be displayed. Then, lay a large sheet on the ground (this is to prevent scratching of both the artwork and your floor) and tape off the dimensions you’re working with. Experiment with different layouts on the sheet until you find what makes you happy. When you’re satisfied, flip all artwork face down to mark where you’ll need to drill or hammer for hanging. Measure distances, and create a map of the wall space. When a piece has two hanging points, we like to take a long piece of painters tape and stretch it between the two hanging points. We mark the two screw points, then place the tape on the wall with a level so we know exactly where to drill the holes. Careful measuring and mapping will yield a perfectly planned gallery wall. 

Add Lighting to Showcase Artwork

Once your artwork is placed on your wall, make sure that it’s properly lit so it can be enjoyed. A carefully placed lamp or gallery lighting mounted on the ceiling or wall is the perfect way to highlight your artwork’s unique beauty. 

When choosing lighting, take into consideration the warmth of the bulbs you choose. A warmer lightbulb will cast a warm tone over your art which can possibly change the appearance of its colors. We prefer a soft white light. 

Don’t be Afraid of Large Scale Works of Art

A large piece of art can dominate a room, which is why it should be a piece that you simply adore. Statement artwork is best left to shine on its own with minimal competing pieces around it. Find a large wall in your home and entertain the idea of placing a larger scale item there. Utilize plenty of negative space on the surrounding walls to let the statement piece shine brightly. 

Above all else, the most important rule of hanging art in your home is that each item makes you happy. It doesn’t matter where a piece of art came from or how much you’ve invested in it, if it evokes joy and appreciation from you, then it’s perfect for your home.